Dry Hair: Causes & Remedies - We Have the Answers

Dry Hair: Causes & Remedies - We Have the Answers

Get Rid of Dry Hair 

Causes & Remedies

If you are a woman and you try to care for your hair, there are surely times when your hair becomes dry and brittle. NO worries, you are not alone!

If you think we are going to write about reducing all of those routines you like so much – we are not. We are here to help about improving your hair treatments.

We want to help by recommending what you can do to reverse the damage. What does usually damage your hair and makes it so dry, you wonder?

The Weather

Either by exposing it to sun and salt or the cold weather during the winter, your hair can and probably will get dry. It is almost impossible to go for a vacation during the summer and not get your hair dry, right?


Many women are experiencing hair problems due to different illnesses and hormone imbalance. Hormone levels often affect your whole body, thus can also decrease the level of key nutrients. In the lack of those essential nutrients, your hair can get dry and brittle.


A body that is not receiving enough proteins or vitamins will not function properly, thus affecting your hair as well. Hair that is not receiving enough nutrients blocks the necessary processes for strong and healthy hair. Malnutrition can not only make your hair dry and brittle, it also makes it fall out.

Using the wrong products

Choosing an appropriate shampoo for your hair is important. Not all shampoos are created equal and not all are suitable for your hair. It’s obvious right? Not only that but using the shampoo the correct way also makes a great impact. While shampoo should just be applied to the roots, the conditioner is made to nourish your ends –so please don’t apply it on the scalp. Remember, over-washing or harsh shampoos can reduce your hair’s natural oils.

Excessive treatment

Daily heat-styling can and probably will make your hair dry! Whether it is blow drying or heating your hair with flat iron, it will leave your hair unnecessary dry. Also, we all already know the hair is most likely to break when it’s wet. But still, we all brush our hair when it’s wet right? Just don’t! Most likely this won’t make your hair dry, but it can make it brittle and very fragile to breakage.


Deep condition once a week

And I really mean it – once a week! Make yourself a conditioning mask and apply it for 30 minutes. There are so many online DIY recipes that you can make at your own home in just a few minutes. Try adding coconut or jojoba oil as well. You will love it, I promise!

Eat healthier

Your diet must include balance, thus including all necessary proteins and vitamins - and of course a plenty of water!

Choose your shampoo wisely

Try finding the one that suits your particular type of hair. If your hair is already dry, use mild shampoos and the ones with fewer drying detergents. Also, the products with alcohol should be the last on your list. Obviously! Sulphate-free formulas are the best choice these days. It protects your hair and does not remove your hair’s natural moisture.

Treat it well!

First, if you already must brush your hair when it’s wet, try putting a bit of conditioner before. It will make it so much easier and won’t hurt your hair so much.

We all like our hair to be clean but try shampooing your hair less often. Washing your hair every day is way too much and it seriously reduces the amount of protective oils and moistures on your scalp. You can also start using leave-in conditioners for additional softness.

Consequently, if you are washing your hair less often, you won’t have to heat-style it as much too. And regarding blow-drying, there are amazing Ion Blow Dryers that can make a great impact on your hair since it dries your hair from the outside and not the other way around. Also, if you need to straighten your hair, there are innovative straighteners (Wet to Straight) that do not require blow-drying your hair before, thus reducing the heat damages to your hair.

Last but not least, protect your hair whenever you can! Try wearing a hat to protect it from sun, heat or dry and windy air. There is so much you can do even before your hair gets damaged!

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