The teeth-whitening technicians at Luxxe B. help customers forge whiter smiles with professional in-office services. They specialize in low-sensitivity teeth whitening, using a hydrogen peroxide gel accelerated by LED. The procedure itself is vegan, simple, and pain-free with results visible in about 50 minutes.

Teeth Whitening has become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments, and for good reason. Studies have shown that a beaming white smile not only makes you more attractive, it also helps you appear more intelligent, successful, and friendly! Everyone feels better when they have great looking white teeth.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Step 1. A comfortable cheek separator is placed in your mouth. Step 2. Your trained technician will instruct you as to how to apply the concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel directly to your natural teeth. Step 3. Your technician will position a powerful Blue LED Light as close as possible to your teeth for three successive 15-minute treatments and off you go. The gel is reapplied between each 15-minute treatment removing surface and/or subsurface stains from eating, drinking or smoking things that leave stains on or in the tooth enamel. In only an hour your teeth will be 4 to 8 shades whiter. Stunning Results!

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Exposing your teeth to staining foods and beverages will result in your teeth fading within a short time. However, if you avoid teeth-staining agents, whitening effects may last for a long period. Average results for peroxide-based whitening gels last approximately 6 months to 1 year depending entirely upon your own tooth enamel and on your habits.

Great news! Beaming White Teeth Whitening can be repeated every 3 months. The degree of whiteness achieved varies with each person depending on the level of staining and the condition of the teeth.

We know you will just love your new beautiful white teeth and we are excited to meet you. Call/text 623.551.1262 too book your appointment.

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