Lash Hydra Mist



Product Type: Lash Care

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ORGANIC & 100% Natural

Lashfresh Hydra Mist for Eyelash Extensions can be used multiple ways:

1. Helps with any irritation, inflammation & "itchiness" you may have with your eyes and/or eyelash extensions that glue may sometimes cause. 
2. To freshen lashes throughout the day. 
3. To freshen lashes in between your cleaning routine.
4. To rinse off any cleansers, or Clean Wash.

Lashfresh Hydra Mist should be applied after your normal cleansing and moisturizing routine (or after using Clean Wash and prior to using Condition Mist). Close eyes and mist on as often as you wish - the ingredients are very beneficial to both skin and eyes, so allow it to dry to receive the full benefits. Hydra Mist can be misted on over make-up and mascara too!! Keep an extra bottle in your purse so that you can freshen up your lashes or eyelash extensions during the day or evening.

Ingredients: Cornflower Hydrolate, Purified Water, Aloe vera Gel, Glycerin (or Glycerine), Cucumber Extract, Potassium Sorbate

Size 2 oz

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