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As seen in FabUPlus Magazine!

Our fast drying tanning mousse creates a perfect summer bronzed glow. Best part is, your skin is left feeling smooth and soft – not tight or dry. That's why we have people from all over US and Canada moving to the Shady Nation from other large global brands- quality ingredients and an amazing at-home tan with Shady Foam.

So what can you expect?

+ Light weight, fast acting tanning mousse
+ Caramel bronzers instantly provide a streak-free tan
+ Safe for face and body
+ No need for multiple products- layer on to get darker
+ Full tan develops over time, shower time is 6-8 hours

PRO Tip : 1 coat looks great on pretty much everyone, but 2-3 coats is usually best for medium to darker skin tones.

How to Use
Apply to clean exfoliated skin using a tanning mitt (1-2 ounces per application is besT). If applied for day ware, allow to dry thoroughly before dressing. Avoid contact with water, showering, or perspiring for 8-12 hours for a beautiful Shady Tan. You may see a small amount of color in water when showering the first time, but your tan will remain (this is just the bronzer and any extra solution your skin couldn't absorb).

Main Ingredients
+DHA: Derived from organic sugar, this ingredient is the key to obtaining that natural brown Shady Tan.

+Coconut Oil: Packed with all sorts of anti-aging properties to infuse skin with vitamin E, protiens and fatty acids to plump skin to a youthful texture, while deeply moisturizing it.

+Jojoba Seed Oil: Loaded with anti-aging vitamins and minerals, this oil is great for sensitive skin. Also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and acne.

+Argan Oil: Helps balance out skin's natural oil production to completely transform it, making you look more youthful.

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